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Tooth Infection; Life or Death

Published on June 17, 2009 by in Home

ActinomycosisQ: Can you die from a Tooth infection?

A: Sometimes you wish you would die when you have a tooth infection, only to get rid of the pain.  A dental infection can be a dangerous event and can be caused by different types of bacteria.  The most common types of oral infections occur in the Gum tissue and the other in the Tooth and Bone.

Teeth infections usually cause the most pain and danger to your body.  The teeth are portals to inside of the jaws and body.  When bacteria enters into the canal space or center of the tooth it can then pass to the end of the tooth roots and into the jaw.  Many times an infection occurs fast enough to create a large build-up of inflamatory cells or puss.  This becomes dangerous when swelling is large enough to block your airway or spread outside the jaws.

Hopefully you can get to a dentist before you have a dental infection and prevent this cascade.  Death can occur from dental infections but it is rare.  Bacteria from your mouth can and does enter into your body.  It is dangerous when there is high amounts of certain bacteria and in health compromised patients.     Dr. M Kent

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